SSP Syrup Rooms

Stainless Steel Processing was founded in 2001 and since then has been a competent partner to the beverage industry. Our employees are process engineers, control engineers and technicians with many years of experience.

In consultation with you we develop a concept to implement your requirements. We show you how you can increase your productivity, conserve resources and use our efficient systems to preserve the environment.

We are able to offer you syrup room core processes including storage, dissolving, filtration, pasteurisation, dosing, deaeration, carbonisation, mixing and cleaning and also ancillary processes such as water preparation and refrigeration engineering.

Our fully developed control concept is especially designed to handle the requirements of the beverage industry. The system enables a precise reproducibility of production processes and also supports you during the production phase.

The use of control systems with extensive visualisation make the operation of our systems child's play. The computer system stores all process data, generates graphs of process factors, creates error message lists, writes maintenance plans and ensures the traceability of production processes.